Feb 13, 2009

Beautiful Valentine's Day Goodies

Valentine's Cake, Jean-Philippe PatisserieThe most memorable Valentine chocolates I ever received were such exquisite edible jewels that I didn't want to touch them. I did, of course, but only after a prolonged bout of admiration.

They came from Jean-Philippe P√Ętisserie, which is located in the Bellagio (Las Vegas). A small, opulent, over-the-top shop in the hotel’s Spa Tower---think glass floors and walls, sculptured glass ceiling, a 27-foot chocolate waterfall flowing through 25 suspended glass vials---it’s the ultimate sweet-tooth destination.

Presided over by Jean-Philippe Maury (voted France’s best pastry chef in 1997), the p√Ętisserie produces intricately-detailed confections. You’ve never seen pastries so colorful or gorgeously bedecked, and the same creative genius is applied to gelatos, sorbets, sandwiches, and salads. But it’s the chocolates that truly astonish. Their composition may be traditional, as with the Praline Truffle, or imaginative (chocolate ganache infused with Earl Grey tea or Star Anise)---but each looks as if it were hand-painted by a gifted artist with a whimsical touch.

Pictured here is a Valentine's Cake. If you're in Vegas, stop by and check this place out.

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