Jun 25, 2009

How the economy has affected our eating habits

1950s family eating dinner
According to a recent study by Information Resources, Inc. (IRI), economic pressures in the US have created a revival of the family dinner—home-cooked meals featuring fresh ingredients. More than 60% of consumers reported that they were visiting restaurants less often than in the recent past.

“To preserve at least some of the special flavor of dining out,” states the report, “many people are indulging in home luxuries to accompany meals at home—and wine is principal among these. Wine sales at all price points have risen significantly in the past 12 months, with growth highest in the $15-$19.99 per bottle segment, increasing 19.3%. Even at the $20+ per bottle range, sales have grown 8.6%.”

Other trends include a renaissance of the home garden and a significant growth in foot traffic at farmers’ markets.

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