Jun 16, 2009

The Swine & Wine Club

At a loss for what to give dad this coming Sunday? How about a membership in the Swine & Wine Club?

Yes, indeed: the Gourmet Bacon-of-the-Month Club and the Premium Quality Wine-of-the-Month Club have joined forces to form this unusual venture---perfect for dads who dig bacon and wine. Each month dad will receive a full pound of top quality bacon along with a bottle of "boutique-quality" wine (you can specify red or white when joining).

Both the bacon and wine clubs are offshoots of Coastal Vineyards of Moorpark, California. CV must be run by some pretty amusing people. You'll see why if you explore the website, which is wacky and funny. They actually have a dozen or so monthly clubs, including jelly, olive oil, lobster, BBQ sauce, and steak clubs.

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