Dec 4, 2009

Great ways to use canned salmon

Fresh, wild-caught salmon is one of my favorite things to eat, but it’s expensive. So for a few years I’ve also gotten into Alaskan canned salmon. I really like it because:
  • It’s made from salmon caught in the wild, in cold Alaskan waters, with nothing added except a bit of salt
  • Like fresh salmon, It contains massive amounts of omega-3 and calcium, and is a good source of vitamin B12
  • It’s inexpensive
  • It’s versatile in the kitchen
For years I’ve been using canned salmon only to make salmon burgers, but lately I’ve been branching out. That’s thanks to a website I discovered run by the Alaskan seafood industry, which has an entire subsite devoted to canned salmon.

This subsite serves up a generous helping of recipes using canned salmon. Some of them don’t do much for me, but others open new possibilities for enjoying salmon in a can:
There are many more recipes for you to enjoy here.

From left: Salmon Meatball Soup,  Salmon/Spinach Pasta, Salmon Chili