Jun 15, 2010

Free Foodie Travel Secrets eBook

Here’s an easy way you can do a little bit of good for the planet while learning something new.

The website Tripbase has compiled a nifty PDF that’s chock-full of great photos and tips for food-lovin’ travelers. The tips come from the website’s readers. When you download a free copy, Tripbase will donate $1 to a charity that’s helping to bring clean and safe water to people in developing nations. A form pops up asking for your email address, but if you don’t want to divulge that information, simply click “No thanks, just get the eBook.”

There is no downside here, plus you’ll get to read a lot of helpful or at least interesting tips about enjoying food while traveling around the world (tips are arranged by continent and then country). Here are just a few new ideas I have for what I will (or probably won't) eat on future trips:
  • Where to find the Best Pad Thai in Bangkok: Not a fancy restaurant, but two female vendors who share a street stand a few minutes from the Grand Palace. “Made to order, they were the most beautifully plated and delicious Thai noodle dishes we had while in Bangkok."
  • Violet Liqueur in France: Even though I’ve spent a lot of time exploring food and wine and spirits in France, I’ve never heard of this liqueur, which apparently is available in and around Toulouse. “Add a few drops to white wine…and enjoy a sweet, almost lavender flavor.”
  • Space Cakes in Amsterdam: The tip-giver enjoyed this creamy, chocolate cake very much, but didn’t realize it was loaded with THC, which she was unprepared to handle. “I was stumbling past canal after canal, completely fried out of my mind.” Hmmmmm…
  • Dans le Noir in London: Eat in a completely darkened restaurant, using only “the senses of taste and smell.” (What about the senses of sound and touch? I think they count with enjoyment of food, too.)
  • Live Baby Octopus in Korea: Even though the octopus was chopped up right before serving, “the tentacles kept wriggling angrily and sucking onto my chopsticks.” Okay, I admit it, I might not give this one a try.
Download Tripbase’s free Foodie Travel eBook, or one of their other themed travel tip eBooks: Worldwide Beaches, Family Travel, Italy Travel, U. S. Travel, Worldwide Travel, and just plain old “Travel Tips.” They can all be selected and downloaded from this page.

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