Jun 22, 2010

Grocery Prices: Safeway vs. Walmart (Update)

Last fall I did a bit of sleuthing to determine how much money I would save by shopping for groceries at Walmart—where I had never before shopped—vs. Safeway, where I shopped quite a lot. The result? For essentially the same cart of groceries I spent $105.58 at Safeway and $54.50 at a Walmart super-store.

I created a detailed PDF that gave exact items bought and prices paid, posting it with the original article. Earlier this year the link to the PDF went awry. I've now fixed up the link in the original post (read that post here), or you might want to just go directly to the PDF.

Here are a few examples of the price differences I encountered between these two stores (remember, these prices were effective in September 2009; they may be different now):

  • A 32-oz container of low-fat cottage cheese at Walmart was $2.08; at Safeway it was on sale for $3.79 (the regular price was $4.49)
  • 1.15 pounds of sweet potatoes at Walmart: .83; at Safeway, $1.69
  • 1 can tomato sauce at Walmart: .26; at Safeway, .69
  • Healthy Choice roasted turkey medallions (frozen): Walmart, $1.68; Safeway, $3.00
  • House Brand 42-oz box Old Fashioned oatmeal: Walmart, $1.94; Safeway, $3.99
More details about why I went sleuthing and how I went about it can be found in the original post.

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