Jul 30, 2010

Giveaway: A book about Zinfandel's mysteries

A couple of days ago I wrote a thumbs-up review of an old book, Angels' Visits: An Inquiry into the Mysteries of Zinfandel. Written by David Darlington and published by Holt in 1991, it was republished by Da Capo Press ten years later in paperback (with a few updates) as Zin: The History And Mystery Of Zinfandel.

I'd like to give away my copy of the original Holt hardback edition to someone who loves Zinfandel or, failing that, just likes reading about wine. The book lacks its jacket, but otherwise is in excellent condition.

To win it, just write a paragraph or so about why you'd like to read a book that's all about Zinfandel and send it along to me (address below). I'll mail the book to whoever makes the most winning case (or makes the most sense) for what's generally acknowledged by experts to be America's own varietal. I may publish some of the responses in an an upcoming post.

Send your Zin thoughts to: editor (at) culinarygadabout (dot) com.
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