Dec 28, 2010

Terroir: the ultimate statement

It's true: from now on, no discussion about terroir will be complete without a reference to the video below, which is both hilarious and perfectly on-target. 

Tasting Dirt--True Terroir was created by Ryan O'Connell, a young American living and making wine in the Cabardès wine region of France. He and his parents own Domaine O'Vineyards, just north of the ancient walled village of Carcassonne. As a winemaker, Ryan's philosophy is to "blend the best techniques and attitudes (and drinking habits) of the new world with the refinement, wisdom and character of the old world."

He's apparently doing so quite successfully, as he's had stunning reviews from people like Jancis Robinson. And he's doing it all with great humor, creating wines with names like Mediterranean Mojo (Cab-Merlot blend) and Les Amèricains (Merlot, Cab, Syrah).

Ryan's also put together a handsome, fact- and photo-filled book, The Wines of Carcassonne; it includes a map and overview of the Cabardès, an index of that AOC's wineries, and much more. You can try to win a downloadable copy at the Wines of Carcassonne Book Contest (the odds are pretty good that you'll win).

Meanwhile, sit back and enjoy Ryan O'Connell's take on terroir:

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