Feb 1, 2011

Free Online Learning: The Food & Wine of Apulia

If you like Italian food, you'll love this news.

Once again, the Culinary Institute of America (CIA) has introduced a free in-depth web resource for foodies ranging from the professional chef to the home cook.  Entitled The Food and Wine of Apulia: Flavors from Farm to Table, the new learning module--packed with recipes, video demonstrations, chef interviews and more--is available to all on the CIA website. One of my favorite videos: Bread from the Wood-Fired Ovens of Altamura.

Apulia (also known as Puglia) is located on the southeastern tip of the Italian peninsula, the heel of Italy's boot. It's a long and slender region with more than 500 miles of coastline and a rich agricultural heritage that includes lush olive oils, artisan breads and cheese, and great wines. It is considered Italy's richest area for fruit and vegetable production.

The Food and Wine of Apulia: Flavors from Farm to Table
is a virtual tour of rhe region, one of Italy's undiscovered food frontiers. Featuring some of Apulia's most renowned chefs and food artisans and illustrating iconic dishes from the region, segments include Expressive and Essential: Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, Fresh from the Gardens of Peppe Zullo, A Lesson in Orrechiette with Pietro Zito, Bread from the Wood-Fired Ovens of Apulia, The World Class Wines of Apulia, and many more.

This generous resource is presented by Regione di Apulia and was produced by the CIA New Media group, which has been honored with two James Beard Awards for Best Video Webcast.

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