May 5, 2011

Discovering California Wines

California's Wine Institute, an advocacy group representing more than 1,000 of the state's wineries, has produced two giveaways, a video and a brochure, both entitled "Discover California Wines." They're both beautifully done (the video will make you want to hop into your car right away and go touring wine regions).
  • The 54-page Discover California Wines brochure covers all the state's major wine regions and highlights several varietals. It also discusses sustainability, regional cuisine, wine/food pairing, and includes statistics, a map, and a list of appellations. The photographs are simply gorgeous. You can download a free copy.
  • The 3-minute video, below, covers some of the same territory, but brings it vibrantly to life.
Here are books about California wines written or photographed by friends of the Culinary Gadabout:

The Wine Seeker's Guide to Livermore Valley

The California Directory of Fine Wineries: Napa, Sonoma, Mendocino

Compass American Guides: California Wine Country, 6th Edition

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