Jul 19, 2011

A fun new twist on Manhattan sightseeing

Getting the yen to spend a week or so in NYC this autumn, and while doing a little research I've discovered a new way to see the place.

New York Water Taxi and Bike and Roll NYC have joined forces to let you bike across the Brooklyn Bridge and take a Water Taxi back. The companies describe it as "part instant adventure and one part jaw-dropping views. It’s easy, safe and fun, and you don’t have to be Lance Armstrong to do the ride--all levels of riders can enjoy this excursion."

The package includes an 8-hour bike rental, a Water Taxi hop-on/hop-off pass, a four-color route map indicating sights along the route, and a helmet and bike lock.

Highlights include a close glimpse of the Statue of Liberty as you cruise by on the return trip.

  • Excursions available at two Bike and Roll locations: Pier 84 (West 43rd Street) or Battery Park (just west of Pier A). 
  • Pick up your bike as early as 9 a.m. and get a nice early start.
  • Get the return water taxi ride at Fulton Ferry Landing at the base of the Brooklyn Bridge. It will take you to Manhattan's South Street Seaport, Battery Park, or Pier 84/Weswt 44th Street. 
  • Price: $49/adults, $29/kids
For more info, visit the Water Taxi website.

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