Aug 17, 2011

Two fun Bordeaux infographics

Snooth's "Most Prized Wines"
Curious about Bordeaux wine? The two infographics here are worth checking out. Click on each to get a larger, easier-to-read version.

The top infographic, "Most Prized Wines," was compiled by Snooth. It shows per-bottle auction value for various vintages of the top five Bordeaux wines (Mouton-Rothschild, Latour, Lafite-Rothschild, Haut-Brion, and Margaux). At $284.66, the 1985 Mouton-Rotschild is the bargain bottle in the bunch. The most expensive, at $12,551.36, is also a Mouton-Rotschild (1945).

According to the Anniversary Vintage Chart, which sums up good/bad years for Bordeaux vintages, 1985 was a "lovely year in Bordeaux, Port & Champagne, top Burgundy still good." On the other hand, 1945 is described as a "fabulous vintage. Candidate for 'vintage of the century', including Port." From lovely to fabulous is worth about $12,300!

My only quibble with the Snooth graphic is the cutesy way they tell you what various combinations of value could buy you in real-world goods. It would work much better if they gave specifications for those goods.

They say, for example, that you can "trade the combined value of every vintage of Lafite-Rothschild for 3 thoroughbred horses." When I visited EquineNow, the value of a thoroughbred ranged from $650 to $12,000. And if you're talking about a top-of-the-line thoroughbred such as Secretariat, the value is in the mega-millions. So that's basically a useless comparison.

EnjoyBordeaux's "Organic Wines 101"
 I like this infographic from EnjoyBordeaux because it gives a nice overview of Bordeaux's organic, biodynamic and sustainable winemaking.

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