Feb 2, 2012

5 Food trends for Super Bowl Sunday

The National Restaurant Association estimates that 48 million Americans will order takeout/delivery food while watching the Super Bowl this Sunday, February 5.

The five most popular food items of the day: salsa/dips/spreads (69% of survey respondents), chicken wings (63%), pizza (61%), desserts (50%), and healthful food items (42%).

In addition, 12 million people are expected to visit a restaurant or bar to watch the big game. Younger adults 18-34 years old constitute 52% of this group. The next highest percentage is people with children, at 40%.

People on the West Coast are nearly twice as likely to watch the game at a restaurant or bar as people on the east coast (9% in the west, 4% in the east). This is probably due to the earlier kick-off time in the west.

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