Feb 8, 2012

Win a Charles Krug t-shirt

Here's something fun.

Founded in 1861, Charles Krug Winery is the oldest winery in Napa Valley. Krug pre-dates a lot of devices that have been around forever, and which we take for granted -- like lightbulbs, airplanes and the telephone.

The winery's longevity gave its marketing department an idea: they would show just how very old Krug is by pairing the invention of ancient devices with Krug's existence. As an example, take a look at that photo of the Wright Brothers at the top. They invented powered flight in 1903, but Charles Krug had already been around for 42 years at that point, which leads to the photo's quote: "Charles Krug, always the right wine, quite possibly a Wright wine."

About that t-shirt...

Go on over to Krug's Facebook page and see if you can come up with a clever caption for the Statue of Liberty photo you find there (she didn't arrive in the US until 1886, 5 years after Krug had been founded). If you can dream up a winning quote for the photo, you will win what has been described to me as "a very special t-shirt" and get Krug bragging rights in the bargain.

Good luck!

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