Mar 2, 2012

Graphic for Mac & Cheese Lovers

mac & cheese small

Love mac & cheese? Then get yourself – quick! – to the ingenious “Mac-and-cheese-o-matic” graphic created by illustrator Laura Stanton at The Washington Post.

The graphic was developed to accompany an article, “Mac and cheese: A macrocosm of variations,” that discusses the infinite variety of macaroni and cheese dishes. As the article states, “you can make macaroni and cheese 365 days a year and never do it the same way twice.”

The graphic offers an instant take on variation. Just choose from the various components (pasta types, aromatics, sauce additions, protein, cheeses, toppings, fruit/veggies, and more)  what appeals to you at the moment (or what matches what’s in the fridge). Voila! You’ve thrown together a brand new take on mac/cheese.

And for good measure, here’s a link to the Washington Post’s update on the “Classic Macaroni and Cheese.” Nothing wrong with that!

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