Jun 28, 2013

Making your own fruit popsicles: it's easy!

A 5-day heatwave takes up residence in the San Francisco Bay Area today, with temperatures skyrocketing as high as 100°.

But I'm all prepared with my popsicles.

A few weeks ago I was in the kitchen section of Ikea and found a cute set of popsicle molds (photo below), so I snatched them up, figuring I'd probably want to use them during hot-weather sieges this summer (ordinarily I'm just not interested in ice cream, popsicles, etc.).

A couple of days ago, after reading about the coming heat wave, I whipped up my first batch of 'sicles. I whirled a quart of strawberries in a blender, and then diluted it just a bit with vanilla soymilk and a generous tablespoon of plain yogurt. I also added about 1 teaspoon of honey. Then I whirled it around in the blender again and poured the mix into my molds, which hold 1/4 cup each. After inserting the yellow plastic sticks/handles into the mold I popped them in the freezer. (The leftover mixture made a great smoothie.)

I was really happy with the result--not only the deep rich red color of ripe strawberries, but absolutely delish! People who like sugary things might want to add more honey or sugar (or a substitute), but to me they were perfect the way they were.

I bought some chocolate almond milk and want to see if that makes a good fudgesicle. Maybe I'll chop up a couple of squares of dark chocolate and add it to the mix (leaving it in pieces rather than putting the chocolate through the blender). I could even add some finely chopped, toasted almonds.

I'm also thinking about making layered popsicles, freezing the molds halfway full and then adding a different color fruit mixture on top. For the 4th of July I could make a red (strawberry), white (yogurt or white peach)  & blue (blueberries) mixture.

Stay cool, folks!

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