Nov 5, 2016

Restaurant Wine Blending? It's Coming!

Credit: Cambridge Consultants

Imagine dropping into your favorite restaurant or bar, and, instead of ordering the recommended vino, you blend a glass of wine--on the spot--to match your mood and palate. 

Sounds impossible, right? But if British product development company Cambridge Consultants has guessed right, you'll be doing just that--and soon.

Cambridge Consultants has just launched Vinfusion, a machine that allows you to adjust three sliders on a touch screen to your desired taste. As explained in the November 5th edition of The Economist:
One moves between the extremes of “light” and “full-bodied”. A second runs from “soft”, via “mellow” to “fiery”. The third goes from “sweet” to “dry”. No confusing descriptions like “strawberry notes with a nutty aftertaste” are needed.
The desired glass is then mixed from tanks of each of the four primaries, hidden inside the machine’s plinth. The requisite quantities are pumped into a transparent cone-shaped mixing vessel on top of the plinth. Added air bubbles ensure a good, swirling mix and flashing light-emitting diodes give a suitably theatrical display.
Read the entire article online in The Economist.

With Vinfusion, you can blend a single glass of wine. Credit: Cambridge Consultants

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